Aymen Gharbi is architect curator, and culture producer, living and working in the Medina of Tunis. After graduation from ENAU [Ecole National d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme] he focused on urban heritage and sociocultural participation. His work at INP [Institut National du Patrimoine] is dedicated to the architectural development of the Medina. He is one of the founders of “Doolesha”, an interdisciplinary team experimenting with urban explorations. Based on the idea of “strolling” they create formats to share their vision of the Medina with inhabitants and visitors from all over the world. After an experience of 5 years he is still leading the program that developed to becomes a community base program including more than 50 trainees in urban experiences. The project is opening it self on the new technologies by building a phone app featuring augmented experiences in the Medina.
Together with Bettina Pelz they were the founder curators of INTERFERENCE. Festivals of light around the world are known to revive public space and to provide a great framework for public encounter and activity. INTERFERENCE brought the experience to Tunis and reflected on its properties to foster the art of change. INTERFERENCE is a community-funded project that developed the first light art festival on the African continent.