2021//2022 | Production responsible
Exposition Talan | Tunis, Tunisia

2019// … | Cofounder and Artistic director
SEE DJERBA | Djerba, Tunisia

2018//… | Cofounder and Artistic director
INTERFERENCE | Tunis, Tunisia

2019//2022 | Guest Lecturer
Moving between languages
TASAWAR | Tunis, Tunisia

2019//2022 | Curator
DOOR-WAHDEK |Tunis, Tunisia

2018 | Guest Curator
LICHTROUTEN | Ludenscheid, Germany

2018 | Guest Curator
COLLUMINA | Cologne, Germany

2018 | Director
DOORA-FEL-HOUMA | Tunis, Tunisia

2018 | Guest Curator
EVILICHTUNGUEN | Hildesheim, Germany

2017 | Architect “Urban Research”
DREAM CITY |Tunis, Tunisia

2017 | Artist
Camp Festival | Potsdam, Germany

2017 l Co-curator
SEE DJERBA | Djerba, Tunisia

2016 l curatorship training
ifa fellowship |Germany

2016 l Artist
Shinytoys l Mullheim, Germany
Festival for based time experiment
Installation performance l Verbal photography

2016 l Scolarship Holder
Cross Culture Program l ifa

2016 l Founder and Curator
International Light Art Project 

2016 | Artist
Luminale, Kustverein l Frankfurt, Germany
Installation | window on the world.

2015 l Artist
Dream city l Tunis
International Art Biennal
Performance Within Doolesha Collective

2015 l Artist
Lightungen l Hiledsheim
International Light Art Festival
Light Art Installation/Performance

2015 l Artist
FLUX Light Art Series l Tunis
International Light Art Collective
Light Art Installation/Performance

2015 l Artistic coordinator
Doolesha l Find Your Way l Tunis 
Kulturakademie c/o Goethe-Institut | Internatioval Creative Economies
Medina discovery for artist l Workshop with Prof. Bettina Catler-Pelz

2015 l Founder and Artistic Director
Doolesha Collective l Tunis

2014-2015 l Architect
Archeomestites l National Institution of Heritage l Tunis
International Project for the protection and enhancement of archaeological sites and urban areas

2013-2014 l Architect
Concervation of the Medina l National Institution of Heritage l Tunis
National Project for the management and the enhancement of the Medina of Tunis