Aymen Gharbi is artist, curator and culture producer, living and working in the Medina of Tunis.

Urban Fabric and Cultural Identity

From 2013 to 2015, Aymen Gharbi worked as an architect at the National Institution of Heritage on cartography and on conservation of the Medina of Tunis. In 2015, he founded the DOOLESHA project, a collective of urban activists to research and map the interplay of historic settings, ongoing urban developments and the sociocultural tissue of the contemporary Medina. He headed projects like DOORA-FEL-HOUMA what is a sociocultural project to engage young locals in research and mediation of the present changes in the Medina. Presently, he is working on DOOR-WAHDEK, a webzine linking scientific and artistic research, critical review and intellectual debate in an online platform, an app and a series of roundtables in the Medina.

Curatorial Practice and Cultural Heritage

In 2016 and 2018, jointly with Bettina Pelz, he directed the International Light Art Project INTERFERENCE in the Medina of Tunis staging a dialogue of contemporary art and cultural heritage. In 2017 and 2019, jointly with Bettina Pelz, he directs the International Media Art Biennial SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk.tn.


Since 2016, he supported several Tunisian artists and international emerging artists to improve their artistic practice and to follow through their productions. Since 2019, he leads the CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB to foster production, display and review of light and media art on the African continent, jointly with Bettina Pelz.

Gender and diversity

Since 2016 Aymen is working on art and culture community-based project in Tunisia. Several of these projects attract diverse personality that don’t find space in another professional context. After 4 years of practice, the projects communities ended by including a multitude of personalities from that have different cultural background, sexual orientation, gender understanding, etc.
Process of these projects had to include personal coaching and understanding how we can be a collective being in the local Tunisian community. SEE DJERBA Is one of the projects that the question of gender was an important discussion within the team. Though the theme Mixed Realities the project argued how we can survive and cohabit in an extreme conservative context.